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We love inviting guest chefs for evenings of delicious food and wine and lots of relaxed chatter- be sure to book quick!...


On saturday the 30th September Leo are hosting a three course vegan supper club with a complimentary botanical cocktail-all for £25


Leo creates hearty vegan food for mind and body. Inspired by their travels through Aisa and beyond, Leo is passionate about cooking food to share, that focuses as much on eating for nourishment for the body, but also on eating as wisdom and an act that should be enjoyed with loved ones. We source a range of natural, foraged and home grown ingredients, with a focus on those that will provide an exciting colourful and wholesome menu that is good for your wellbeing as well as being benefitial for the mind.


Expect a delicious, nutritious and sociable evening with good vibes and full bellies.




See you there! L&J xx





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